Kym F.

Dr. Kroner is amazing at what she does and you can tell she really has a lot of passion! I have recommended her to many of my dearest friends and they have all been grateful Thank you Dr Kroner for everything you do!

Sierra K.

My whole life I struggled just to write a single paragraph, let alone a paper required for school. After I barely graduated high school I attempted a couple college classes but failed miserably. It only added to my stress and anxiety that revolved around school and writing.
We all knew something was very wrong but I never fit into any of the more commonly known learning disabilities. I started seeing a new therapist and psychiatrist who worked closely together. They suggested that perhaps I may have something called Written Expressive Disorder. This happened to be the break through that was needed.  

My grandmother delved into research about the disorder and came across something called an Educational Therapist. From there we discovered the amazing Dr. Shannon Kroner. I met with Dr. Kroner and immediately started working with her. We worked together for a year. By the end of that year I went from barely being able to write a single paragraph to writing a college level three page paper with confidence!

I signed up for a religious studies class at Pasadena City College and finally experienced educational success on my own. Without the help of Dr. Kroner I never would have gained the confidence in my ability to write anything longer than three sentences or reach academic achievement independently.

Rachel R.

Dr. Kroner is extremely knowledgeable about all subjects related to special needs and learning difficulties in children.  My daughter has severe ADHD and she was able to answer many questions about the testing process, etc.  If either of my kids needed educational therapy services in the future I wouldn't hesitate to bring them to Dr Kroner.

David L.

Shannon Is very Intelligent, personable, and has fantastic communication skills. Highly recommended.

Boba J.

Dr. Kroner has helped me through a lot in highschool, I struggled to stay on track and keep good grades. With Shannon's help I am now starting to excel in school and be able to keep more organized and not procrastinate as much, or at all anymore. She is a very hands on teacher and helps every day of learning be more and more fun.

Working with Shannon is a pleasure.

George G.

I went to Shannon 3 times a week over the sumer to help prepare me for the new school year and especially my 10th grade english class because I'm terrible at writing papers. She was such a BIG help. I've already had to write a 3 page paper this year and I got a A- on it!!! That is seriously amazing because normally I would get C's and D's on all my papers. She taught me how to outline my ideas, write a great thesis sentence and organize paragraphs. Now that school has started I only see her once a week just for that extra help. But seriously she is great to work with.


Ryan K.

Dr. Kroner possesses superior knowledge and communication skills, which is essential in her line of work. I have found that her expertise expands to children of all different ages.

I have personally witnessed vast  improvements in children's educational development.. The results have been absolutely amazing.

I have nothing but the highest respect and recommendation for Dr. Kroner and her practice.

Joanie G.

Shannon is an excellent educational therapist. She is extremely organized, very patient and she relates well with children. If you are in need of an educational therapist or homeschool teacher, I highly recommend Shannon Kroner for the job.

Sylvia J.

I've been so Shannon twice for hypnotherapy and she has a very soothing voice that makes it easy to be hypnotized. She also did something called time line therapy and I was able to see results immediately which was really shocking. She's also very easy to talk to and share problems with. 

Dave J.

Dr. Kroner helped me with my resume and job search. Going to her was the best thing I could do for myself. She helped me write a golden resume and helped me realize how many more skills I have then I would have ever thought of alone. Every job I submitted my resume to I got a return email or phone call. She actually helped me get to a point where I could choose the job I wanted instead of just take whatever I can get. She also helped me narrow my job search and get really honest with myself about the type of work environment and job hours  that worked for me.