Confidence Coaching

Everyone struggles with stress, anxiety, bouts of worry, blows to their self-confidence or feelings of being stuck at some point in their lives and it can be hard to get back on track. During these times, confidence coaching can be the answer.

Dr. Kroner can help you experience the fulfillment of a happy, successful life with meaning and purpose. Her practical, straightforward and conversational style makes the work easy to embrace and easy to apply for your real world situations.


Dr. Kroner provides tools to help you stay mindful and remain focused, to better improve your thoughts and get you back in touch with positive feelings and manage your personal energy. Positive thoughts create energy and drive toward desired positive outcomes.

If the confidence challenges that you are faced with require  going out into the field and having Dr. Kroner with you, side-by-side (and shadowing you) as she puts you into the environment you are fearful of, then that is what she will do.  Dr. Kroner will help you prepare, having received the appropriate amount of Confidence Coaching, and then together the both of you will go out into the world and do real-life scenario work to help build your confidence. 

Reasons to hire a confidence coach include: wanting to improve your self-esteem, gaining the confidence to go after your dream job, the desire to fit in with peers, getting past the fear of public speaking, guidance in dressing for your shape or job, feeling confident when speaking to others, gaining confidence in the dating world, and simply feeling more confident about yourself to go after your dreams.