Career Path Discovery

Which Path Will You Take?


Career Path Discovery is often done in 5 (60-90 minute) sessions. These sessions can take place in my Woodland Hills office or from the comfort of your own home via Skype or FaceTime. 

  • The first session is discovery. Dr. Kroner will help you explore your personal interests, practical working hours, location and atmosphere, desired income, and goals to discover the most ideal job/career path that may be best for you. 
  • The second session is spent building your perfect resume. Dr. Kroner will help you explore all past education,  work and volunteer experience that you have done (anything from banking to bartending, or teaching to a corporate 9-5 job). We will discuss all of your skills, talents and accomplishments. We will also come up with a list of references and how to approach those who you wish to use as a reference. Once we have gathered all pertinent information Dr. Kroner will personally build and design your resume between the 2nd an 3rd session. 
  • The third session we will work together to edit your resume. We will also write the perfect cover letter. To land the perfect job you must look professional and nothing is more professional than a well thought out cover letter and exemplary resume. 
  • The fourth session will be all about the job search. Dr. Kroner will work with you on how to do a job search, help you find potential employers, discuss the best key words to use during your job search. The goal for this session is to find at least 5-10 potential job openings during that we could send your cover letter and resume to. 
  • The fifth session focuses on the interview process. Once you have an ideal cover letter, perfect resume, and understand the job search process we will work on the interview process. We will discuss how to dress for the interview, important qualities to bring to the interview, expectations, and the elimination of any stressful thoughts that may come with the interview process. We may even rehearse to prepare for the interview.